Are you starting to feel like you’re in a long-term relationship with the treadmill? Is 30 minutes staring at a cross trainer making you feel cross eyed?

It’s time to shake up that boring gym routine, and reclaim the motivation you started with.

The below workout can be carried out using a x-trainer, stationary bike, or even a rower. It can also be utilized on a running track where you have room to safely shift between speed.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are proven to burn more fat and boost metabolism more effectively than the more traditional ‘slow and steady’ cardio routines. There’s plenty of other benefits to HIIT, but we will save that for another blog post.

Check out our Ace Fitness Bootcamp quick fix 10 minute HIIT routine:


0:00-0:45 SLOW PACE
0:45- 2:15 MEDIUM PACE
2:15-3:00 SPRINT
3:00-3:45 SLOW PACE
3:45-4:30 SPRINT
4:30-5:15 SLOW PACE
5:15-6:00 SPRINT
6:00-6:45 MEDIUM PACE
6:45-7:30 SPRINT
7:30-8:15 MEDIUM PACE
8:15-9:00 SPRINT
9:00-10:00 SLOW- COOL DOWN

Pace Scale:

Slow Pace- 25-30% Maximal sprint speed
Medium Pace- 50-60% Maximal sprint speed
Sprint Pace- Maximal effort a.k.a “Usain Bolt style”!

Note: We would recommend completing a dynamic warm up prior to beginning the routine, to ensure you are fully prepared for the intervals ahead.