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2017 is just around the corner, and it’s time to decide which direction your fitness training will take. We’ve put together a quick no-nonsense 6 point plan to help you build your well deserved fitness success story.

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1. Be Organised

“It’s not about having time, its about making time”

First and foremost you know what you want to achieve, and to ensure consistency you should look to find a time to build it into your busy lifestyle. This begins with planning your training routine, and carries all the way through to your dietary schedule and even sleeping habits. Requesting help from a fitness professional and/or nutrition expert is ALSO a necessary component to consider here, if there is a problem area that you’re not sure how to resolve by yourself.


2. Be Confident

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

Evaluating your goals and setting your program in advance might initially feel like you are at the bottom of an uphill struggle. This point therefore refers to attacking your goals with confidence in yourself and what you can achieve when you consistently stick to your plan. ‘Be realistic’ is often a term used when PT’s describe about goal-setting, however I always believe that it sounds rather negative. Your routine and schedule does need to be achievable, but don’t be scared to set yourself an exciting target to pursue.


3. The X-Factor

“When life knocks you down…respond with a burpee”

When building your bulletproof plan to success, there will always be the ‘X-Factor’ events which you couldn’t account or plan for. This could be in the form of an illness or even a few stressful weeks at work, and will most likely occur at an unexpected and inconvenient time. The most important thing is picking yourself up and jumping back on the fitness wagon when you are good and ready continue your routine. Waiting and procrastinating will only delay your achievement and demotivate you further.


4. Ignore The Naysayers

“Don’t let the opinions of others consume you”

This point is taken from former Mr Olympia himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. There will always be the negative voices who say “it’s impossible” or “you won’t stick to that diet”. We call on you to find motivation by using their pessimistic views as the FUEL to achieve your goals.


5. Make Time For Fun

“Have fun when you workout, and it won’t feel like work”

If you don’t enjoy the exercise activity, there is less chance that you will consistently stick to it. It’s going to be the new year, so why not try something new and spice up your old workout routine (see our previous blog post). I’m a firm believer that finding an exercise you enjoy, will offer much more physical and mental benefits than one which you feel committed to do for fear of breaking the routine. Exercise and happiness go hand-in-hand in regards to endorphin release, so lets get the feel-good chemicals flowing and find an activity you look forward to throughout the day.


6. Start Today

“Start today and you’ll achieve your goal a day earlier than if you start tomorrow”

There is no time like the present, and we want you to start building your own personal success story today. Start working on your objectives and goals for 2017 right NOW, and if you have found this post useful then we would encourage you to breed the positivity with your own community, by sharing the post with your friends.

By Phill Savage